Our bees are located on the moraine hills on the southern shore of Lake Garda, in the municipality of Lazise, and for the last few years, part of our honey production has been taking place on other land on the slopes of Mount Baldo.

In this way our honey contains the warmth and sweet scent of the flowers of the lake and the freshness of the trees and flowers of the mountain that hugs Lake Garda.


Over the past five years, various crops of fruit, vegetables and herbs have been added in order to provide a wider range of produce.

The crops are grown with attention to biodiversity and respect for the environment and all produce follows the natural seasonality and correct maturation on the plant itself, without any use of chemicals or substances that are harmful to man or the planet.

We grow mixed seasonal vegetables that can be purchased directly in our store in ColĂ , in the Campagna Amica markets to which we adhere or can be booked by choosing home delivery.

The vegetables are also used for the production of genuine processed products so you can enjoy the flavours and aromas of summer even out of season.

The production is enriched by the cultivation of numerous aromatic herbs that are dried for use in cooking and in preparing dishes.

We also have the production of spelt that we use for the dishes we offer in our tastings.

We also produce small fruits such as berries, apricots, cherries to be bought fresh to be enjoyed as they ripen or used in the preparation of jams and compotes.

Educational Farm

Our farm is always active and attentive not only to the quality of its products, but to the involvement of its customers in a shared journey of rediscovering the importance of contact with nature and a healthy diet as the basis for our well-being. . Following these values and firmly believing that their dissemination can only take place with the involvement of people, an important growth project for the company was born, which from 2019 has become a certified educational farm in the Veneto Region.
The educational farm Il Campetto, set up in the main estate managed by the Morati Apiculture Farm in the municipality of Lazise, is a place , is a place where young and old have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, of knowledge of the world of bees and aromatic herbswhich are another distinctive element of the production and to be able to see closely how the cultivation and production of fruit and vegetables take place. which are another distinctive element of the production and to be able to see closely how the cultivation and production of fruit and vegetables take place. You can experience the sensory experience of being inside a beehive, with its scents and sounds.
You will discover the variety of products resulting from the work of bees and the numerous beneficial effects they can bring to daily life. The experience will take you, through a sensory journey, to discover aromatic herbs, their scents, their beneficial properties for our body and their uses in the kitchen. You can discover the cultivation techniques of fruit and vegetables from the vegetable garden managed by us, in compliance with traditional methods and the biodiversity of the place. At Il Campetto multi-sensory workshops are held that help to better understand the world of beekeeping and aromatic herbs,precious allies for our well-being Our offer is open to anyone, from children to adults regardless of age, but it is also aimed at school classes, small groups that organize recreational activities such as summer Camps, reading groups. Each visit, according to your preferences, can end with a tasting of the farm products, with a tasty and unique snack entirely prepared by Raffaella and Flavio.


At Campetto you can try a unique experience of contact with nature to get to know our company in the various activities we deal with and try a rich tasting of products prepared by us to make the most of our products

At Il Campetto you can experience unique and authentic emotions and experiences, able to regenerate body and mind through a special and unrepeatable contact with nature!