Who we are

The foundations of what is today Azienda Agricola Apicoltura Morati were laid more than thirty years ago, with the discovery by Flavio of a deep passion for bees and the world of beekeeping, but the strength to make this passion his work deepened in 2015 when he lost his job.

Ours is a company characterized by a family dimension because within it each of us gives our own contribution in order to be able to carry out every activity in the best possible way

We like to sum it up in 6 points:

Physical Activity

The synergy between these elements brings respect for what is around us, for ourselves and for others and this is precisely what we want to convey in our company.

The company is located on the southeastern shore of Lake Garda, in the municipality of Lazise.

We understand tradition but we are looking to the future

All the values of a branch of our family, farmers for over a hundred years, have converged into the activity of our company.

The main objective of the Company’s activities is to give substance to the fundamental value of sustainability, understood as the utmost respect for nature and for man, to guarantee unique products of the highest quality, with a high added value that can always be guaranteed and in the time the correct economic balance, for the dignity of those who work and accessibility to the product for those who buy it.

Attention to nature and man are the founding principles of our work.

For this reason, all production takes place with the utmost respect for biodiversity with great attention to the protection of nature. We carefully choose the land on which to place our bees, favouring areas where no chemical treatments have taken place on the surrounding crops or in uncultivated areas. The same applies to the production of fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs which are made entirely in compliance with the principles of organic farming.
Even the products we process do not undergo chemical or thermal treatments because we want to keep the nutritional characteristics of the products intact to ensure our customers the highest standards of quality, freshness and authenticity of flavours.