All our products are made with methods of work entirely handcrafted and handed down by tradition, which completely exclude chemical or thermal treatments, to best preserve all the nutritional properties and ensure the highest quality and authenticity.


The honey we produce has received the recognition of “Lazise Honey”, Denomination received as a product of traditional agricultural and food activities typical of the area, carried out in accordance with the traditions and experiences of agri-food and gastronomy gained over the years in the preparation and production of local specialties and products.

The varieties of honey we produce are Millefiori( thousand flowers ), Acacia, Linden Blossom, Chestnut, Dandelion, Honeydew. In some seasons we manage to have an ivy honey. All our varieties of honey are subject to seasonality, because our production follows nature and its spontaneous processes and at some times of the year some varieties may not be available.

Nutritional supplements based on products of the beehive

We also produce nutritional supplements, containing all-natural ingredients products of the beehive. They are:

Propolis, available in different variants with or without alcohol

Fresh pollen in the production period (May-September)

Balsamel, honey with essential oils of mint, thyme and eucalyptus and echinacea for respiratory diseases

Enervitam an energy supplement based on honey with pollen, propolis, royal jelly to naturally restore strength to our body

Honey Turmeric and Ginger to help the natural depurative functions of the body


We like to reinterpret honey in various ways, creating special flavours to match food, and enrich your table with many interesting products from our garden and orchard.

You will find:

Aromatic honeys, produced from acacia honey infused with different items such as aromatic herbs, flower petals, citrus peel, saffron, chili, lavender. These products are designed to concoct creative combinations to all your dishes, cheeses, vegetables, herbal teas.

These products are designed to concoct creative combinations to all your dishes, cheeses, vegetables, herbal teas.

White hazelnut cream spread, produced with acacia honey and hazelnuts

Black hazelnut cream spread, produced with acacia honey, hazelnuts and dark chocolate Honey with nuts

Honey with nuts

Jams with cane , sugar, compotes without added sugar, starting from the fruit ripened on the trees, jams are produced with a particular process at low temperatures, which keeps the colour and all the natural sweetness and authenticity of the fruit unchanged.

Delicious jams, born from encounters between our fruit and aromatic herbs, to create new and unique combinations of taste.

For the kitchen

At our Campetto we have a production of vegetables and aromatic herbs that are an excellent base for all your recipes in the kitchen.

We produce:

Dried aromatic herbs, such as sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano, laurel, lemon grass, mint, lemon balm, which can be used both as herbal teas and for cooking.
Cooking salts flavoured with herbs
Tomato Passata
Vegetable stock cubes
Pesto with basil and nuts, or with sage and nuts

We process some of the vegetables grown in the summer to have them available all year round. Our creations are a zucchini cream and an aubergine appetizer.

Being products related to seasonality, our products may not be available at some times of the year.

Ready to serve:

Our business is also enriched by the preparation of dishes to be enjoyed on your table that, by booking, you can pick up or receive at home. The dishes that we offer, such as pies, stuffed vegetables, ready side dishes and many other proposals, are prepared starting with our own produce, which is processed to make the most of the genuineness of the goodness they contain. Also 80% of our bread and bakery products are produced with spelt flour from our fields, made with completely handmade methods and sourdough starter.

Natural Cosmetics:

The range of our products includes a line of cosmetics whose recipes are designed to enhance the natural components and make the most of their properties.

The basic ingredients of these cosmetics are natural and of our own production, without the addition of any chemical additives or preservatives.

For this reason even the scents are very delicate and correspond to those of the plants contained within the products.

Belonging to this line:

Lavender, honey and calendula body cream

Hand Cream

Leg and foot cream with thyme and mint

Anti-wrinkle face cream

Beeswax Lip balm

Shower shampoo with aromatic herbs